The institute's primary output will be the comparison of roadmaps towards general artificial intelligence. This is a very challenging task that requires the definition of milestones as well as many vital desiderata. Additionaly, different roadmaps favor different goals, from speed, complexity or modularity all the way to controllability or safety, among many others.

Currently, no consensus on such goals or requirements exists within the community. Numerous researchers published works that investigate some aspects of these, yet such works are not frequent or sufficient. Through the AI Roadmap Institute we encourage the AI community to invest more time into discussing issues related to the creation, comparison and mapping of the necessary steps required to build intelligent machines.

Events organized by us will bring together interested parties from disparate parts of the AI community to discuss the necessary requirements for building intelligent machines more closely and frequently and focus on producing meaningful and useful processes, agnostic frameworks and common language that would allow for rapid progress in this area.

Creation of such frameworks will finally allow the comparison and mapping of the true progress towards human-level artificial intelligence and its presentation in a meaningful and understandable way.

The institute will publish and maintain actual roadmap comparisons that are the result of the institute's processes or that will be beneficial for the AI community.